Hip-Hop Bible’s Unfinished Business

 For months, staffers and visitors to the West 23rd Street offices of hip-hop bible The Source have had to step gingerly through a construction site. Now, it appears that the mag, whose masthead mingles in the same elevator as Radar’s, situated a few floors above, is having trouble coming up with the rent—reportedly overdue to the tune of $156,000.
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Callin Out Names #2

ImageBeing the angry black editor that I am, I almost hate to say this but even I can only deny the truth for so long.

50 Cent is a fucking genius.

Hip hop collectively embraced Fif with open arms, whether you extended it lovingly or to throw a blow in his direction. Hate it or love it, Curtis Jackson gets results (and keeps a lot of y’all clicking the links with his name in it). Add a comment

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Chicago group blasts Twista for label name

ImageThe Chi-Rock Hip Hop Nation, which released the first Chicago rap album back in 1985, claims Twista stole its name for his new label.

Chi-Rock founder Shabazz, 37, told AllHipHop.com he registered the name long ago with the Illinois Secretary of State.

But now Chicago native and Atlantic recording artist Twista has been promoting his new label, Chi-Rock Entertainment -- which Shabazz says tramples on his copyright.

"This 'Twista' is tainting our legacy," Shabazz said. "My independent record company is called Chi-Rock Records."

The members of the rap group maintain Twista cannot claim ignorance since he has had "past affiliation" with the Nation.

There has been no response from Twista to the copyright infringement allegation and no lawsuit has yet been filed, AllHipHop.com said.

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