Eminem Promises 'Emotinonal Driven' Relapse 2

 Eminem has revealed more details about his upcoming Relapse 2 album and said the project would be more emotion-based than his platinum-selling Relapse.

Slim Shady says he will place more emphasis on his feelings rather than focusing purely on lyrics.

"[I'm] pretty much finished as far as recording," Eminem revealed. "I think all that's left to do is mix. And you know, in the mixing process, if I come up with anything else then [it will be on there.] I think it's gonna be a lot different, a lot different than what people expect as far as the contrast from the last record to this one, I think I went back...I got a couple of tracks with Mr. Porter, I got two tracks on the album with him so far, four, possibly five with Just Blaze and I think the overall basis of the record is -- it's more emotional driven. "

"Like the last record, I was more concentrated on spitting, but with this record, I feel like there's some of that, but at the same time I went back to making songs with feels to them as opposed to just rap records," he added. "I'm putting everything I got into this next record. All my focus, just everything, I just want to finish that project and I'll take it from there."

Relapse 2 will also feature apperances from 50 Cent and production from K'Naan. A release date for the a lbum has not been revealed.