Method Man, "The Indie Route Is The Best Route Right Now"

 With his fourth solo album, 4:21: The Day After, hitting stores, Method Man spoke on the state of hip-hop and his preferences on independent labels versus major companies.

After releasing albums via major labels for well over a decade, Method Man has since himself gone from a priority to an act fighting for his company's support. In fact, independence is looking pretty good to Mef these days.

"The indie route is the best route right now, all you need is distribution. You don't necessarily need the record companies anymore," Mef said. "That's why I root for the underdog. I'd love to see more independents doing shit, for the simple fact that I'm tired of getting raped." [Watch]

He may be turned off by majors, but Mef isn't part of the "hip-hop is dead" bandwagon like most veteran artists. He just thinks some key emcees aren't given a voice.

"What do I think of the state of NY hip-hop? Well NY hip-hop, I mean it's still here just the right motherfuckers just ain't being heard, and like I said, the media is playing a big part in that, cause they poppin all that shit like we ain't significant anymore, but a lot of it has to do with the music," he explained. "There's this new production going on now and It's like either you get with it or get lost. It's like NY always had its own sound and shit, you know niggas is stubborn, 'we ain't trying to do that, let them do that, that's they thing, we ain't trying to do what they do, that's they thing, let them do that, we gonna do us.' It all comes back around though, they gonna want the grimy shit again."

Method Man's 4:21: The Day After is in stores now.

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