Woman Sues Akon Over Concert Injury

 A New Brunswick university student has filed a lawsuit against the R&B singer known as Akon, claiming she was badly injured during a concert in Saint John when the singer's security detail pushed their way through the crowd at Harbour Station. The suit, filed on behalf of Katherine Teresa Hooper of Hampton, also names Harbour Station and Gillett Entertainment Group, which promoted the September 2007 concert.

Hooper's statement of claim says that during the concert, Akon left the stage and appeared at the back of the hall.

The statement says Hooper was among those in a large crowd on the floor of Harbour S tation, where no seats were set up.

As the singer continued to perform, he and his entourage forced their way through the crowd, "causing (Hooper) to fall, which resulted in serious personal injury," the claim says.