50 Cent Nude Scene in New Film, Rob Thomas Now Skips Roles

ImageDon't look for Matchbox Twenty hottie Rob Thomas to join the ranks of rockers-cum-actors like Bret Michaels, Jon Bon Jovi and Dave Matthews. He nixes any overtures and offers that come his way to do acting.

"There was a period a few years ago where I used to get a bunch of scripts," reports the multi-Grammy-winning singer/songwriter. "But I stopped taking them so often they just stopped sending them to me." He explains, "I don't really have time for another job, and I don't want to spend my free time working. I'm not in the business to brand myself. I don't have a super extremely lavish lifestyle, so the money I make I could completely exist on forever.
"And then, on top of that," he adds, "I think I'd suck at it."
Thomas' first solo CD, the R&B-influenced "Something To Be" on Atlantic Records, came out swinging, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard album charts. He's out on his first solo concert tour in support of it. Thus far, he says, fan reception on the tour has "been great. At this point, the record's been out long enough that people who come to my shows know a lot of the tracks, so it doesn't feel like a bunch of people just waiting for Matchbox Twenty."
The singer will take time out from his tour to perform the single "Ever the Same," from his new album on "The 33rd Annual American Music Awards." He joins such superstar acts as Mariah Carey, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and The Rolling Stones on the show set to air live on ABC, Tuesday, Nov. 22 from L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium. Then it's back on the road "'til Christmas time," he says.

When it comes to settling down, actor Michael Ealy, who's been on-again/off-again with Halle Berry, says he "won't rule it out," but for now, it's all about his career. "My parents are married, I have a sister, I come from a family, so to have a family would not be foreign to me," he explains. "But right now my priority is to get my career really going. That might sound hard from the outside, but for me, I haven't even really gotten started yet. I would like to get a little bit further in before I open myself up to family because family is very important to me. I know that my priorities and my focus will shift when that happens."
In the meantime, Ealy's looking forward to the December premiere of his searing new Showtime series "Sleeper Cell," in which he plays a Muslim FBI agent who is infiltrating a Los Angeles-based Islamic terrorist cell. Not only did he have to do a large amount of research on the religion, but playing a cop proved to be "extremely challenging" for the actor. "I have different understanding now of what it's like to be in law enforcement," he claims. "To me it's a catch 22. There are those who like to abuse their power, and there are those who exist on a daily basis with their hands tied behind their backs because the law protects the criminal. It's very frustrating."


"Get Rich or Die Tryin'" required rap star Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson to take off all his clothes for his first film role. Terrence Howard costars in the feature from six-time Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan -- and Howard notes that both he and 50 Cent appear in their birthday suits in a jail locker room scene.

He found the recording star's work ethic impressive under the circumstances: "I've been working as an actor for 20 years and never even had to take my shirt off, and 50 Cent dives right in like a trooper and bares all with no problem for the role." Howard continues to joke on the topic of the actors in the buff, complaining, "Other people seemed to be more gifted than me!"

Alex Trebek admits that when he took on "Jeopardy!" hosting duties 22 years ago, "I never even gave it a thought that it would last this long. It was a job. It was a good show, I recognized that, and I produced it for three years and worked out a lot of decisions about which direction to take it. I was so busy, I didn't think about the future, and suddenly it was, 'We've been on for 10 years! Wow,' then, 'My gosh, we've been on for 20!' Time has a way of slipping away." Trebek had a chance to look back while making the DVD, "Jeopardy! -- An Inside Look at America's Favorite Quiz Show," a collection of favorite episodes, behind-the-scenes info, playing tips, etc., which is being released Tuesday (11/8). This week, representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records visited the set to bestow official recognition on "Jeopardy!" as the TV Game Show With the Most Emmy Wins.