Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty to Assault Charges, Then Changes Her Mind

 Foxy Brown pleaded guilty in a New York court Monday afternoon (August 28th) to assaulting two manicurists in Manhattan's Bloomie Nails in 2004, but changed her mind shortly after her case had been heard.

As  previously reported, Foxy (born Inga Marchand) was originally slated for an 9:30 am court appearance, but did not actually arrive at the courthouse until much later in the afternoon. Her flight from Jamaica, where she had recently performed, had been delayed due to Hurricane Ernesto.

After appearing in court to enter a plea of guilty, Brown returned a short time later to inform Judge Melissa Jackson that she wished to change her plea to not guilty. "I'm innocent in this case," the Brooklyn MC stated, according to reports by CNN.

The judge had initially told Brown she would be sentenced at a formal hearing on October 23 to three years probation, which would require her to report monthly to police and undergo drug testing, and attend an anger management course.

After hearing Brown's request, the judge stated that she would have to make a written motion to the court to withdraw her plea and that a decision on that request would be made on October 23. Foxy also told the judge that, "I was never against taking community service or apologizing to the court," referring to a December 2005 court appearance in which the rapper pleaded to a lesser charge that would require her to perform 10 days of community service. After not being pleased with the ruling, she reportedly stuck her tongue out at the judge and was handcuffed to her seat until she apologized.

The recent developments are just the latest in a string of run ins with authorities for Brown. As reported earlier, on August 24 the rapper was accused of stealing two belts valued at $400 a piece, from high end New York boutique L'impasse in a case in which the store's owner, Tony Khayat, has chosen to press charges.

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