Sadat X Talks Jail Sentence, " I Really Am Remoreselful For The Situation"

 After being convicted of gun possession, New York's own Sadat X, of legendary rap group Brand Nubian, will be facing time behind bars later this year. In this Exclusive, X opens up about his 2005 brush with the law and the upcoming release of his 4th solo album Black October.

Due out in early October, Black October features guest appearances from fellow Brand Nubian members Grand Puba and Lord Jamar as well as the Money Boss Players and Greg Nice, who also produces on the project along with Diamond D, DJ Spinna and Da Beatminerz.

"Well you know I was trying to get something together before I have to go in this situation," Sadat X said. "I didn't want to do it as fast as I had to but it had to be done that way. It's on Riverside Drive Records [and] the first single will be 'Million Dollar Deal.'"

The same month that Black October is released, Sadat X is scheduled to begin serving a one-year gun possession sentence stemming from his December 2005 arrest in Harlem on 158th Street and Broadway.

"Basically, I had a problem with some guys over here. They'd said something to a friend of mine who they owed money to," Sadat X recalled. "Being that I always have my firearm on me and they know that, they called the cops on me."

The former elementary school teacher and basketball coach refuted media accounts that alleged he'd pulled the .40 caliber weapon on neighborhood kids.

"You can't believe what you read in the newspaper. I work with kids, I coach kids, I would never put a gun in the face of kids," Sadat X said. "That area is the cocaine capital of the East Coast. There are a million detectives running up and down that block - if I had pulled out a gun on that street - this project would be a memorial album."

Ironically, at the time of his arrest, Sadat X was also questioned about a shooting near the Biggie Duets album release party. "They asked me did I know anything about the shooting at the Biggie Smalls party. I guess because of the gun," Sadat X guessed.

Sadat X's period in lockdown will keep him from performing with Brand Nubian and teaching grade school.

"We continuously do shows but I guess they'll be on hiatus for a minute. I also wanted to continue teaching and now I have a violent felony on my record for the gun charge. I really am remorseful for the situation. If I had to rewind I would've went about it in a much different way," Sadat X said.

Sadat X's 4th solo LP Black October hits shelves on October 10th.

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