Chingy Talks "Pullin' Me Back," "Some Of The Hardest Dudes Come Up To Me And Tell Me They Love That

 Two years after delivering the commercially disappointing Powerballin, Chingy is ready to redeem himself with a new LP, Hoodstar. In this exclusive, the St-Louis rapper speaks on the pressure to succeed and one hit wonders.

Roughly a year after the monstrous success of 2003's Jackpot, Chingy returned with Powerballin. Though the CD was lead with "Balla Baby," which faired decently on radio and video outlets, Chinga-ling's sophomore disc fell way under the 3 million units sold by its predecessor. Now with the Tyrese-featured "Pullin' Me Back" bubbling, Chingy is confident he's poised to return to glory.

"I don't feel no pressure, cause the only reason Powerballin had mixed reactions is cause I came out with one single. The label messed that up. It was too much trying to make a decision on what second single to drop," Chingy said. "They waited too late and they just messed the whole process of it. They know they messed up with the second album, so they ain't got no choice."

Though Jackpot quickly reached commercial success, Chingy's credibility has arguably never matched his record sales. Critics are usually pretty stingy with the praise while heads have questioned his longevity since his first single, "Right Thurr" came out. But Chingy doesn't sweat it.

"I don't know how you can call somebody a one hit wonder that came out with four hit songs. And that's from my first album to my second album," Chingy explained. "A one hit wonder comes out with one song and you don't hear nothing from them. And when people talk crazy and be hating and all that shit, I don't even worry about that. That don't do nothing but give me drive."

Misconceptions seemingly abound when it comes to Chingy. Ask anybody and they'll tell you his music caters to women. Yet, Chingy says he gets plenty of love from the fellas as well.

"I would rather for all the women to like my music. I don't care. It's fellas that like my music too. I ain't fin to be mad cause mostly women listen to my music. That's what I want to hear my music," Chingy shared. "I always got dudes who came up to me and said they like my music. I figured it's vice versa like with this "Pulling Me Back" song, you wouldn't believe the dudes that come up to me. Some of the hardest dudes come up to me and tell me they love that song. It's more women because I think I attract women. The ladies love my music."

Chingy's Hoodstar featuring production from Timbaland, Kwame, Mr. Collipark, Jermaine Dupri and Three Six Mafia hit stores September 19th.

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