Estate of Slain Man In CCC Club Files Lawsuit Against Proof Estate

 The family of Keith Bender Jr. filed a lawsuit today (Aug. 22) in Wayne County Circuit County against the estate of rapper Proof.

The lawsuit, which seeks an undisclosed amount, is seeking damages for a fatal shootout at the CCC Club on Eight Mile Road on April 11.

The lawsuit alleges Proof was responsible for escalating a fist fight, when the rapper pulled a gun on Bender and shot him.

As Proof stood over Bender preparing to fire again, a bouncer at the club named Mario Etheridge - who was also Bender's cousin - open-fire on Proof, who died from multiple gunshot wounds later in the evening.

Prosecutors announced they would not press murder charges against Etheridge in May, when prosecutor Kym Worthy said Etheridge acted lawfully in defending Bender, who died almost a week after being shot.

"The evidence clearly shows that Mario Etheridge acted in lawful self-defense of another when he shot DeShaun Holton," Worthy said "Once the gunshots started, everything happened fairly quickly."

The Detroit Free Press reports that Bender, a Desert Storm veteran, was celebrating news that he had overcome a serious illness when he was shot.

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