Busta Rhymes' Attorney Calls Arrest NYPD "Payback"

ImageThe attorney for Busta Rhymes is calling the rapper's weekend arrest revenge "payback" from the NYPD.

Scott Leemon, Rhymes' attorney, is telling reporters that the weekend arrest of his client by the New York Police Department was "payback" in retaliation for Busta's lack of cooperation in the Isreal Ramirez murder case.

As previously reported, the Brooklyn emcee (born Trevor Smith) was taken into custody after his Amsterjam Music Festival performance at New York's Randalls Island. He was charged with third degree assault for his alleged role in the August 12th beating of a man near New York's Gramercy Park after the man spat at Busta's vehicle. In addition to the assault charges, Busta may also be facing felony weapons charges after police searched the rapper's car and found a machete.

While in custody, the NYPD questioned Rhymes about the February murder of Ramirez, his bodyguard. It is Busta's refusal to cooperate with authorities that his lawyer says is the police's motivation for booking the rapper.

"He was eligible fo a desk appearance ticket. But what happened here is that they put in the system as a payback," Leemon told reporters.

However, police insist the charges were simply to serious to issue an immediate desk ticket.

Israel Ramirez was killed early on the morning of February 5th when a shootout took place outside of the Kiss The Cactus production studio in Brooklyn where over 200 people were on the scene for a Busta video shoot. 14 shots were fired from what is believed to have been an AK-47 assault rifle killing one and leaving a nearby Dodge Durango SUV riddled with five bullets. Though Busta is alleged to be a key witness to the shooting, the rapper has refused to talk to the police or assist with the investigation.

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