The Game's Manager Says Rapper's Relationship With Dre "Stronger" Than Ever

ImageThe last time we reported on The Game, reports had just surfaced that the Compton emcee officially left Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records.

Now, Chuck Taylor is three months away from releasing his sophomore album, The Doctor's Advocate, on his own imprint Black Wall Street/Geffen. According Jimmy Rosemond, Game's manager and head of Czar Entertainment, Game is still working closely with Dre. In fact, their relationship "is way stronger now than it was before."

"If you look at the history and that's what people tend not to do a lot of times... is game on Geffen? Has he left Aftermath? You just gotta look at the history of Dr. Dre and when you look at the history of Dr. Dre you'll see that every artist that Dr. Dre had, there was a time where he allowed them to blossom and move on," Rosemond said. "This isn't Game leaving Aftermath. This isn't 50 [Cent] making him leave or so on and so forth. This is strictly the history of Dre allowing his artist to blossom. And what it is, it's just a Black Wall Street/Geffen thing. It's his opportunity to shine on his own."

Since reports surfaced that 50 wrote several songs on Game's The Documentary, heads began doubting whether or not he could succeed on his own. But ask Rosemond and he'll tell you The Doctor's Advocate will meet and perhaps even exceed expectations.

"Hip-Hop wasn't built on safety. Hip-Hop was built on being who you are, being what the streets was talking about, all of those elements and put them together in rhyming on a hot ass beat," Rosemond explained. "And what hip-hop needs I believe this brother is about to bring back. There's no issues that's not talked about or rapped about and he's not afraid to talk about it. And he's not afraid of going against the establishment as we may know it today."

"And that's where my respect comes for the kid at. We took our time to do this album so that after this I can move on and do other things with Czar. But I knew with all odds against this kid, he would need our help to make sure that it's right. And that's what good management do. I can't only be with the kid when everything is cool and we stuck with him when everything wasn't cool. At the end of the day, he got a record coming out that's gon be fire and it ain't even gonna be about East Coast and West Coast. It's gon be about who can rap and who can't. He's gonna be the benchmark for that and I confidently say that."

Game's The Doctor's Advocate is slated to hit stores November 7th.

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