Project Pat Talks Jail Time & New Album

 Oscar-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia may be down one man with the loss of Crunchy Black, but a year after his release from prison, Hypnotized Minds member Project Pat is back on the scene appearing with the group and preparing the release of his fifth album Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story.

Due out October 24th, the Sony release features appearances from Lyfe Jennings, Young Jeezy, and DJ Paul and Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia, among others.

"The album is off the meat rack," Pat said exclusively, adding that the album's title stems from how prosecutors in his 2002 weapons possession trial used his music and image to convict him. "In the courtroom they were trying to say I was a thug and a criminal based off my music. If I was a real criminal I wouldn't be seen. I called it that because I'm not a crook but if I was, I'd be a crook by the book."

While Pat, who was born Patrick Houston, says he feels his four year sentence was harsh, he doesn't bear the system any grudges, instead he's determined to get back to what he does best - entertain.

"I did 46 months in jail, 5 months in a halfway house," Pat said. "It was real harsh. They could've gave me probation and I wouldn't have done it again. It was a messed up situation but they got me fair and square. I'm not bitter - I have no gripes. I'm pushing on, moving on and putting it behind me. My probation officer is cool as long as I'm working and I'm working and that's how they look at it. I'm in a blessed position."

The first single off the album "Good Googly Moogly" features DJ Paul and Juicy J, Pat's brother. A video for the song has been shot by Bernard Gourley, who also shot Three 6's "Side 2 Side" video, featuring Pat and Bow Wow.

"Side 2 Side was originally for the soundtrack of Bow Wow's movie The Fast and the Furious:Tokyo Drift but after it didn't make it we still put him on there. We felt it would be a good move because it was hot," Pat said.

While Pat says he's down with Three 6 as a featured artist, not a member, he will be joining Paul and Juicy J in the film Jackass 2.

"We're not doing stunts, we're directing folks to do stuff," Pat said.

Project Pat's Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story hits stores October 24th.

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