Jay-Z Reaches Out To The Runners, Duo Producing Beats For Ludacris & Young Jeezy

ImageAfter producing hits for DJ Khaled, Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross, the likes of Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Ludacris and Trick Daddy are now requesting beats from production duo, The Runners. In this exclusive, Dru discusses switching up their style and working with A-list artists.

With successful placements like Weezy's "Money On My Mind" and Ross' "Hustlin," the Runners have helped popularized screwed up choruses. But the Orlando pair isn't sweating copy cats, promising that their next production will be entirely different than the sound that has helped them break through.

"When I really sat back and I thought about it, it was flattering. They're going to where we've already been. They're just gonna keep following to where we going to and that's just part of the music business right now," one half of The Runners, Dru said. "If they want the real tracks, they're gonna have to come to the real runners."

In addition to work with the aforementioned artists, that new sound is soon to be featured on new projects by Young Dro and Fat Joe. Furthermore, Def Jam A&R Shakir Stewart requested a track for what appears to be Hov's next solo project.

"Jay requested a track from us now, so we're working on getting a track to him and we're probably gonna try to do a face to face real soon," Dru revealed. "I submitted a track to Shakir at Def Jam and it was supposedly for Jay. I think everybody kinda knows what's going on, cause I read articles that the Neptunes were signed on to work on the album and what not. But it was a request for Jay. It could be a remix that he's putting out on someone else's album. I'm not sure if it's for his album or not."

Look for the Runners to add CEO to their resume. The duo recently launched Track and Field Entertainment and is presently talking to labels for distribution. Dope tracks aside, the track masters' stock has risen thanks to their management, Disturbing Tha Peace's DJ Nasty and Terror Squad's DJ Khaled.

"I was doing all the management for the Runners to begin with and then we hooked up with DJ Nasty and he wasn't really a manager, he was just kind of shopping our tracks at the time. I sold 'Hustlin' on my own. After that pretty much every manager in the business came to us," Dru explained. "And Nasty had always been doing fair business with the Runners from day one and he came to us and then he brought Khaled with him. It was just a good trusting situation and that was like our biggest issue. So we went with people we knew were really hard workers and had great relationships with artists, which was Nasty and Khaled."

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