Police Still In The Dark Over Beanie Sigel Shooting

 Surveillance tapes and recent comments made by Beanie Sigel concerning his May shooting has reignited skepticism in Philadelphia authorities.

As previously reported, Sigel (Born Dwight Grant) was shot twice in his upper arm during what he described as a failed robbery on May 25th in Philadelphia.

According to Sigel, who talked to authorities after the shooting, five black men in two cars cornered him while he was in his vehicle. One of the men, who Sigel detailed as a 30-something standing at approximately 5'11" with a beard, sporting jeans and timberland boots, fired the shots at him.

The Philadelphia bred rapper then claimed he drove himself to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he was treated and released hours later.

On the same day of the shooting, police examined the scene of the robbery. After not finding any shell casings and residents in the area claiming that they heard no gunshots, authorities revealed that they were doubtful of Sigel's version of the story and labeled it a publicity stunt.

After a few days of further investigation, the authorities seemed to side with Sigel's account but have once again changed their views, after reviewing surveillance tapes and hearing an interview the rapper gave on a Sirius Satellite Radio show on Friday night (August 11).

According to the authorities, Sigel told them that he that he arrived at the hospital alone shortly after 7 am wounded. But surveillance tapes obtained by the police show otherwise.

"He told us he was by himself, but it wasn't true," Detective Tracy Byard told The Philadelphia Daily News. "There's video of him inside the hospital with another guy. You see them walking up to the emergency room and talking and then Beanie hands the guy something."

Another factor that Byard believes makes Sigel's story unbelievable is the lack of witnesses.

"We knocked on at least 30 doors in that area, and no one heard a thing," Byard explained. "It's not like he's well-loved around there, either. People would tell us if he had been shot."

Byard also divulged that Sigel argued with investigators when they tried to question him and photograph his wound.

"No one believes him. We don't believe he was shot where he said he was shot [in South Philly]," emphasized Byard. "There's a million-and-one holes in his story. But because he's a rapper, he is not going to cooperate with police. It goes against everything he stands for."

During his interview on "The Aphilliates: The Streetz is Watchin'," a weekly hip-hop show on Sirius Radio, Sigel avoided talking about the details of the shooting and bragged he would let everything be known on his upcoming album.

"I am on federal parole, so I can't get into details, but give me another nine months and I will tell y'all exactly what the deal was" said Sigel. "I am going to get me a big pint of [cough] syrup, like a hundred xanies, I am gonna smoke me some real good weed, and I am gonna lock myself in the studio for two months and I'm gonna put out a double CD. I ain't answering questions. Wait till my album drops."

"I'm sure his new album will explain what happened," Byard said. "We'll get a copy of it and listen to every song, every interview."

"I think as far as he's [Sigel] concerned, it's come to a conclusion," Sigel's attorney, Fortunato Perri Jr said about the investigation and Byard's comments. "I don't know that he believes anyone will ever be apprehended. He put the incident behind him and has moved on with his life."

Sigel is currently working on his fourth album which is currently untitled. The album will reportedly feature production from fellow Philadelphians Dre & Vidal.

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