Lil Kim's Rep, "These Rumors About Kim Being Dropped By Her Label Are Untrue"

ImageA spokesperson for Lil Kim denied rumors that the female rapper has been dropped from her label home Atlantic records, saying instead that the Queen Bee is looking to leave the label.

While an undisclosed source has claimed that the Brooklyn rapper was dropped from Atlantic records for unknown reasons, Lil' Kim's spokeswoman Tracy Nguyen told exclusively this afternoon, "These rumors about Kim being dropped by her label are untrue. Both parties are having discussions, in which I cannot confirm anymore details than to say that she wishes they would release and simply free her," said Nguyen.

Kim's attorney, L.Londell McMillan released a similar statement this morning: "We are having discussions which I cannot confirm the details at this time. However, we do wish Atlantic would release and simply free Kim," entertainment attorney, L. Londell McMillan stated.

Neither representative gave reason why Kim wishes to be released.

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