Callin Out Names #2

ImageBeing the angry black editor that I am, I almost hate to say this but even I can only deny the truth for so long.

50 Cent is a fucking genius.

Hip hop collectively embraced Fif with open arms, whether you extended it lovingly or to throw a blow in his direction. Hate it or love it, Curtis Jackson gets results (and keeps a lot of y’all clicking the links with his name in it). So why is 50 a genius? Simple, he has other people doing his work for him now.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that several folks in the “black community” were highly upset about the ”Get Rich or Die Tryin” posters. Claims that the movie promoted gun violence flew out faster than the 9 shots that pierced 50’s skin some years back.

And Mr. Jackson wouldn’t have it any other way.

"I do appreciate it," he said of the protest last Friday. "They are talking about it on media outlets I didn't have plans to market the movie to. They are helping me out."

So the story plays on. Rapper makes violent movie. Elder blacks protest to media outlets that wouldn’t have given this movie the time of day. People who wouldn’t have given this movie the time of day go see the movie. Everybody involved makes more money.

Like it or not, gun violence has been a problem in the black community for decades. It was here before 50, it’ll probably be an issue after 50.

Let’s level with ourselves for a minute: If watching this movie or seeing a billboard makes you go shoot somebody, you’re a damn fool and deserve to be put under the jail on grounds of stupidity alone.

Outside of the fact that this is a waste of time (and on some level, probably an attempt by some of our “leaders” to get some press), there are plenty of other issues the black community needs to be addressing.

When we as black people are in a position to bicker over a movie poster, and I mean REALLY in a position to do this, will it really be necessary?

Until that day comes, I say let the man make his money.