Juelz Santana Concert Erupts In Violence, Club Manager Blames Promoter

  A concert featuring Juelz Santana at a local club in Allentown, Pennsylvania turned violent yesterday (July 16), after the rapper left the club without performing for the capacity crowd of about 1,000 people.

According to Allentown's Morning Call, police in riot gear lined the streets after fights broke out in the audience, prompting fans to head for the exits. The promoter of the event, Lamont "El Dorado" Williams and Crocodile Rock's manager Tom Taylor disagreed as to why Santana didn't perform as scheduled.

Williams said he paid Santana $20,000 to perform and plans to sue the rapper for breach of contract, while Taylor blamed Williams' opening act for causing the disturbance.

''It was not Santana at all," Williams told the Morning Call. "He was ready to play, El Dorado's band just wouldn't get off the stage."

According to Taylor, Santana was scheduled to hit the stage at 1:00 am, but he showed up 15 minutes earlier than expected and demanded to perform. When Taylor shut off the final opening act's microphones, the group smashed sound equipment and allegedly incited the crowd from the stage.

The crowd had already become agitated, as ticket prices were more than the advertised $23 price. Williams, who collected the ticket money at the door, said he left the venue to pursue Santana during the chaos, but didn't return because he was afraid the crowd might turn on him.

Crocodile Rock's owner, Steve Kahlon said he plans on hosting another event to make up for the fiasco, but added that he plans on filing a lawsuit against Santana as well.

''We need to do something for our patrons, because they paid for a show that didn't go on,'' Kahlon said.

Two people were arrested and four people were treated for minor injuries at Sacred Heart Hospital.


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