Eminem Accused Of Assault At Detroit Strip Club

Image According to Detroit's 7 Action News, a man identifying himself only as Miad J said Eminem punched him in the face several times. He claims this happened at Cheetah's, a strip club on 8 Mile Road in Detroit on Thursday morning (July 14).

J said he was in the men's room, using a urinal next to Eminem, when another man began pestering the rapper.

The unidentified man was then told to be quiet by Em's bodyguards and Miad J asked the rapper's security to ease up off the overzealous fans.

Miad J claims he was then hit about five times in the face by Eminem.

"Eminem got done and boom. He started swinging," J told 7 Action News. "I wasn't even expecting it. I was just minding my own business, taking a leak."

After being hit, Miad says Eminem left the club and Cheetah's security threw the rapper's bodyguards out of the club.

Witnesses outside at the club claim they saw Trick Trick pull out a gun, when one of the vehicles in Eminem's entourage was pulling out from the club. Trick Trick did not point his gun at anyone, according to the witnesses.

Detroit police revealed that they will present the case to the prosecutor's office for possible charges, after questioning Eminem.

Representatives for Eminem could not be reached for comment.


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