Rick Ross Calls Out 50 Cent At Record-Release Party

Bossin' up! Rick Ross spent most of Monday in New York promoting his new LP, Deeper Than Rap, which hit stores Tuesday (April 21). But come nighttime, Ross hit the runway, catching a jet to his hometown of Miami for his record-release party.

Ross' shindig was held at one of the city's hot spots, Mansion. Fans and celebrities like NFL stars Larry Johnson and Clinton Portis started filling up the venue around 1 a.m.; DJ Khaled and Ace Hood arrived about an hour later.

Khaled turned peacemaker when a small dustup occurred in the crowd near the stage, but once everyone had calmed down, Khaled and Ace performed a small set consisting mostly of Ace records like "Cash Flow."

Ross and the Carol City Cartel hit the stage around 3 a.m. and "The Bawse" – dressed in a Versace zip-up jacket – got right to it, performing his single "Magnificent."

Not even two minutes into the record, a brawl popped off in the VIP section right below the stage. Security and some patrons started to scuffle. Unfazed, Ross continued to perform, rapping "Usual Suspects."

As tension with security and the fans calmed down, Ross brought up his own friction, his feud with 50 Cent.

"Somebody better tell 50 Cent I'm the muthaf---in' boss!" he yelled before transitioning into "The Boss." "I'm the biggest boss you've seen thus far!" Ross and audience members yelled.

Ross then dug deeper into Deeper Than Rap, hitting h is new single "All I Really Want" then going into "In Cold Blood," "Bossy Lady," "Mafia Music," "Gunplay" and "Yacht Club."

"There's a parrrrr-tay going on/ All the girls, they welcome," Ross' new reggae artist Magazeen rhymed, getting his chance to shine on the mic during the hook to "Yacht Club."

After relinquishing the stage to let members of the CCC and Gorilla Zoe perform their records, Ross went in on past hits including "Here I Am" and verses from DJ Khaled's "Out Here Grindin' " and "I'm So Hood."

With confetti falling from the ceiling, the DJ cued up Ross' "Face" and the ultra-hard "Valley of Death."

"Walk like a giant, talk like a tyrant," Ross boasted on the record. "When I see this monkey, I'mma be the devil."

The night ended with self-explanatory "Rich off Cocaine," which seemed to strike a chord with the crowd, who sang along "Miami nights/ I'm living the life."