Lil' Flip Officially Leaves Sony

 Reports of Lil' Flip departing from Sony Music Group were confirmed yesterday (June 29) by his attorney/manager Sandy Lal.

As previously reported, Flip (Born Wesley Weston) was rumored to be leaving Sony for the Warner Music Group due to the frustration of his much delayed album I Need Mine.

I Need Mine was slated to hit stores late last year, but it was pushed back to a May release which also never occurred.

According to Lal, the negotiations for Flip's release from Sony were successful and the Houston bred rapper will retain ownership of I Need Mine's master tapes.

"Flip and I are ecstatic," said Lal via a statement. "Our relationship with Sony has been quite fruitful. But I've always believed that Flip's potential is virtually unlimited, and we're really eager to take it to the next level. Being able to walk away with the masters to I Need Mine is an absolute victory."

On the same day that word of Flips' departure from Sony surfaced, I Need Mine leaked onto the Internet. Some insiders believed it was a retaliatory move made by Sony.

Representatives for Sony declined to comment when contacted.

At press time, it is still unclear whether Flip has negotiated a deal with Warner and if I Need Mine will be released. The album features appearances from Nate Dogg, MJG, Three 6 Mafia and Lil' Keke, among others.

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