Akon Associate Robbed, Blames Suge Knight

A dispute over whether singer Akon’s producer Detail owes Death Row Records founder Suge Knight money has spiraled out of control. The feud first blew up last month at a party held by Akon for the NBA All-Star Game at a Scottsdale, Arizona hotel when two employees of Akon allegedly beat up Suge Knight, knocking him out. One of the men, Robert Carnes, was charged with felony assault.

Well, Suge Knight has a long history of not being patient with the legal system. Early this morning, producer Detail’s home was robbed by five men and a man who works for Detail claims Knight is behind it.

Christopher Walker told TMZ the men put a gun to his head, forcing him to the ground and told him they were there to collect a debt for Suge Knight and made off with $170,000 in jewelry and a locked safe that police say amounts to a total haul of around $300,000.

Amazingly, Detail was asleep during the incident and Walker claims the intruders didn’t even wake him up.