Method Man Clears His Head on "4:21

 Method Man's new Def Jam release 4:21...The Day After has been scheduled to hit stores August 22nd.

According to the hip-hop megastar, this latest album is the result of some heavy personal reflection.

"I had a lot on my mind at the time and the second thing was, I decided to really talk about something and I had a lot to draw from and when the pen hit the paper it was like damn, remember this? And by the time I was done it was like shit, let's go," Method Man said via statement.

The album includes production from Wu-Tang mastermind the RZA as well as Mobb Deep's Havoc, Scott Storch, K1 and Eric Sermon, who produced Meth's current single "Say" featuring Lauryn Hill. After Method Man's previous release Tical O: The Prequel failed to impress many critics, the pressure is on for him to succeed with this latest album. In many ways first single "Say" allowed the perfect setting for Method Man to address those same critics.

"I've been venting about all this for years and [my manager] was like, 'write about it, Eric has the perfect joint.' And, Lauryn Hill herself, she just had the raw emotion, the small things she said on the song was enough for me to push my pen and let myself be vulnerable," Meth stated. is currently allowing fans the opportunity to hear the single online, as well as one new song per week until the album is released.

While it's clear Meth's latest album is the beginning of a new chapter in his life, Johnny Blaze is still at it with the weed references - starting with the reason he titled his album 4:21...The Day After.

"The national weed smoking day is 4/20, so I named my album 4/21 the day after. Because after that day, you have this moment of clarity when you're not high and you see things clearly," he shared via statement, adding "You feel like you're not in on the joke, and everyone's laughing at you. I felt like no one was taking me seriously. I got real angry and I just starting writing."

In related news, Method Man will join the rest of his Wu-Tang brethren for the Rock the Bells concert August 5th in San Bernadino and August 6th in Concord. Mos Def, Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and others will be among the hip-hop performances taking place. Wu-Tang is also expected to tribute the late Ol' Dirty Bastard during their set.

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