New York Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For DMX

ImageAn arrest warrant has been issued for DMX after the rapper missed a scheduled court date on Wednesday (June 21) to answer charges of speeding and driving erratically on June 2 in White Plains, New York.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, was originally due in court on June 16, but was granted a one-week extension by a previous judge, due to a prior engagement.

"We have granted him a number of courtesies," Judge Barbara Leak told the Associated Press. "It ends now."

DMX's lawyer Stacey Murray said the rapper would appear in court on Thursday. She explained the DMX had flown to New York from Arizona to make the court date, but had become ill in the process.

Police charged the rapper with speeding and seat belt and unsafe lane change violations for the June 2 incident. According to police, DMX's New York driver's license was also suspended when he was stopped.

DMX is also due to appear in court in Harrison, New York on July 21 to answer charges of driving on the shoulder of the road, after his 2006 Chevy Suburban was struck by another vehicle as he attempted to re-enter traffic on the Hutchinson River Parkway, 9 days after the White Plains episode.

On June 16, DMX was also cited for carrying a concealed handgun outside of a Scottsdale, Arizona nightclub. In that infraction, police saw the rapper place a handgun underneath his 1964 Chevy convertible.

Simmons was not arrested, charged with a misdemeanor for not having a permit to conceal the weapon in the vehicle.

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