Lil Wayne Ordered To Turn Over 'Carter III' Financial Records

A New Orleans judge has ordered Lil Wayne to turn over the financial records for The Carter III to a pop singer who has accused the rapper of copyright infringement.
Karma-Ann Swanepoel sued Lil Wayne last year claiming that the rapper sampled her song "Once” and used it on his song “I Feel like Dying”.

Swanepoel claims that Lil Wayne and his record label initially tried to work out a deal to use her song but despite the fact that she refused, Lil Wayne continued to perform the song on tour and made it available on YouTube and other websites.

Judge Daniel Knowles III ruled Wednesday (March 18) that Swanepoel is entitled to view Tha Carter III's financial records.

Tha Carter III, which was released last year, has sold over 3,000,000 copies thus far.