Lil Scrappy Discusses Partnership With 50 Cent, New Album

 Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy will drop a solo album Bred to Die, Born to Live late this summer. In this exclusive Scrappy, born Darryl Richards II, shared his excitement about the album and a special girl in his life.

After joining Lil Jon and G-Unit on the Anger Management Tour and appearing on several DJ Whoo Kid mixtapes within the last year, rumor pinned Lil Scrappy as the next G-Unit acquisition. In actuality BME and G-Unit will cross-promote Bred to Die, Born to Live, with Lil Jon and 50 both making appearances.

"Lil Jon and 50 Cent are co-executive producing," Lil Scrappy said exclusively. "Young Buck is on the album, my G's Up crew Pain, Pooh Baby, LT, Lil Chris, Bohagon from BME, Olivia. Production wise I got Lil Jon, G-Unit's Kai, Sha Money, Drum Squad from Memphis, Jazze Pha, JR, Isaac Hayes III - he produced the single "Money in the Bank" featuring Young Buck, Fabo from D4L. You gonna hear real up close, personal songs, Atlanta club crunk songs; it's got a lotta diversity."

Lil Scrappy also raps about newfound motivation on Bred to Die, Born to Live: "Emani been born I gotta raise the kid..." referring to his 1-year-old daughter Emani.

"I got a lil' girl now, I gotta get out and get that paper. She's beautiful, my firstborn. I have to take care of my kid like my mama took care of me," Scrappy added.

Lil Scrappy recently shot a video for his new single "Money in the Bank."

"It'll be money everywhere, credit cards everywhere, a lotta hood niggas, my little girl catching money, counting money. I'm gonna have her with a 'Money in the Bank' diaper on. She is gonna be so Paris Hilton," Lil Scrappy said.

Commenting on his deal with 50 Cent and G-Unit, Scrappy said. "I been cool with the G-Unit family forever..." he added that his decision to work with 50 Cent came during a difficult time in his life.

"I got hit in the mouth with a bottle and had to be in the bed for a long time. I had a couple people calling, but not the right ones - not the ones you think care so much about you - but 50 called. Shawty called outta nowhere, it lifted my spirit," Lil Scrappy recalled. "These industry people don't really care. All they care about is if you can rap again so they can get you back in the booth."

50's goodwill gestures opened the door for both rappers to develop a business relationship.

"He said if you want me to, I will throw a big diamond in your mouth. I thought he was joking but the nigga be for real. He started callin to do just that so I was like 'shit we cool we need to make money together. If I'm a rapper, he's a big ass rapper/CEO we might as well make some money together. I told Chris Lighty and it went down," Scrappy said.

Look for Lil Scrappy's Bred To Die, Born to Live to hit stores late this summer.

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