Fabolous Taps The Dream For New Album, Set To Launch Website

It seems like Fabolous and The-Dream have a great musical connection. Shortly after wrapping up his verse on The-Dream's "Rocking That Thing" remix, Fabolous was sent several other gems to rock out to. One of the gems that stuck, was, as Fab puts it, an infectious cut that won't leave your memory even if you forced it to.

"Throw It In The Bag" a cut produced by The-Dream's production partner, Tricky Stewart, hasn't been deemed Fab's first single from his forthcoming conceptual set, Loso's Way, but it's being placed in the lane as a strong contender.

Fabolous told BET of the track during his visit to 106 & Park, Monday afternoon (March 9), "After we did the “Rockin That Thing” remix, he said, ‘I got some joints for you’, so he sent me over some joints, I heard “Throw It In The Bag” and felt it was a dope record. Everybody that came in the studio was just bopping their heads like crazy because it was so infectious."

The Brooklyn native didn't neccessarily seek out a reaction for the record, rather, he sat back and observed people's initial responses as they were unaware as to what they were listening to. Loso explained, "I was just watching the reaction because I like to observe people’s responses to see if it connects and that was one of things that I saw; it was an instant connect."

And judging from the title, it's pretty clear what road Fabolous and The-Dream are headed down. But if you're still unsure, Fabolous' brief explanation should make everything crystal clear. "It’s talking about keeping the one you with just like you in a sense where whatever she gets you get and that translates down to when you go shopping," Fab said with a smile. "Just throw it in the bag".

But before "Throw It In The Bag" hits the streets, Fab's new interactive website, MyFabolousLife.com, is set to take precedent among users whose lifes revolve around the things they view as fabolous.

The website, which is scheduled to launch in a bout a week and a half, will give users a chance to experience all things that are fabolous under the realms of fashion, technology, sports, music and of course, Fabolous himself.

As for Fabolous' blogging responsiblities and personalized content, the Def Jam represenative has a bundle of material catered specifically for MyFabolousLife.com. Fab revealed, “I’m definitely going to do some blogs on the site. I’ve really held back my internet presence just for the involvement in this site. For people who like to go on and see blogs and the entertainment that I bring, I really saved that for my actual website."

Loso continued, "As a bonus to my site being brand new, it’ll also have footage of all kinds of stuff that I’ve been involved in. So basically we’ve just been holding it until we found something tasteful that we could put it out for because I’m not a big fan of just exploiting shit for no reason, but now we have a reason.”