Rap Group Accuses Snoop And The Dogg Pound Of Jacking, Order Cease And Desist

ImageGodz Gift, a Los Angeles based rap duo, has issued an immediate cease and desist order to Doggy Style Records and Koch Entertainment that could halt the release of The Dogg Pound's sophomore album Cali Iz Active, which hits stores next week.

The group is alleging that "Hard On A Hoe," a song off Cali Iz Active, uses the same beat and chorus off one of the duo's songs posted on their myspace.com web page.

"The actual court filing has not taken place as of the memo, however, the group (Godz Gift) has issued an immediate cease and desist to Doggy Style Records and Koch Entertainment," the group's representative confirmed.

The duo is presently trying to settle the issue. If all the parties fail to come to an agreement in the next few days, an injunction will be sought.

"These young men (Godz Gift) aren't looking for 5 minutes of fame, at the expense of The Dogg Pound; they simply seek justice for work earnestly created" added the representative. "It's difficult enough in the music business, one so rooted by deception; we now have established artists feeling the pressure to meet deadlines that the creative process has to be compromised."

Koch representatives were not available for comment.

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