Former Bad Boy Artist Loon Has

 Former Bad Boy artist Loon is gearing up for the release his sophomore album titled No Friends.

Set to hit shelves this summer, No Friends will be released through Loon's label, Boss Up Entertainment and X-Ray Records.

"The reason I called it No Friends is because this is the first project that I've put together by myself" explained Loon via a statement. "I put it together to put something out for the streets and show some diversity and balance, things I never got to show on Bad Boy. This is me collaborating with my own artists and putting together some treats that people might not be used to be hearing from Loon".

Among the17 tracks featured on No Friends is a song titled "What Happened To Pastor?" where Loon address his is ongoing feud with his Mase.

"I got the record out there on my own independently and it made its waves," added Loon. "Now that you've got Mase's music pushed by the G-Unit machine, even though my record was hotter, his got visibility. I wanted people to hear my lyrical achievement."

No Friends is due in stores on August 29th

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