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T.I. has hit back at rumours he provided information to cops in order to land a reduced jail sentence for firearms offences.


The Atlanta rapper is due to begin a year-long jail term this month (March 27) for illegal weapons possession.

His punishment is widely viewed as lenient, with some people claiming he cut a deal with the authorities in order to receive a reduced sentence.

The rapper denied the claims in an interview with Vibe Magazine.

"Ain't no such thing as a secret snitch. If there was there'd be no need for the witness protection program. Pull up my agreement. It's public record. Ain't no way you could hide it, especially being a public figure," the rapper said. "And as much as people saying that it is happening, don't you think somebody would have did the research to say, 'Okay look, we got proof, here it is?' People just know that it could have been a lot worse and they wanted it to be a lot worse, but lies will never overrule the truth."