Dem Franchize Boyz Member Parlae Charged With Drug Trafficking

 Dem Franchize Boyz's Parlae was charged with trafficking marijuana and released on $100,000 bond yesterday (June 14).

As previously reported, Parlae (Born Maurice Gleaton) was among eight people arrested in a drug raid at the studios of Making Big Moves Entertainment in Atlanta on Tuesday evening (June 13).

Authorities who swept the studios seized 11 pounds of marijuana, two handguns, four cars, recording equipment, plasma TVs and more than $160,000 in cash.

According to Officer Richard Light of the Atlanta Police Department, some of the suspects were caught trying to flush drugs and money down the toilet during the raid. Officer Light also divulged that the raid was set in motion after his department was tipped about drug transactions occurring at the facility.

Two children were also found in the studio during the raid.

Ash Joshi, Parlae's attorney, revealed to the judge who charged the rapper that the children were Parlae's siblings and were under his care.

"He's at a point in his career where this is not something that he's involved in or interested with and he would just not make that kind of mistake if he had any idea that there was that kind of quantity of marijuana in that location," said Joshi.

Melissa Victor, a publicist for Dem Franchize Boyz, said Parlae was present at the studio, but committed no crime.

"Based on what we know, the facts will show that Parlae will be exonerated of any charges in this matter," said Victor. Victor also claimed that a video recording of the arrest would help clear Parlae.

Making Big Moves Entertainment CEO Anthony Blalock was also arrested in the raid and charged with felony trafficking and marijuana possession charges as well as possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His bond was denied.

The other five suspects received bond ranging from $75,000 to $100,000.

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