Master P's Search 4 The Next Rap Star

ImageNew Orleans rap mogul Master P. has announced his own reality show America's Next Hip-Hop Stars, which will offer the next big rapper and group a $50,000 recording deal.

According to Master P., born Percy Miller, twelve solo artists and six groups will perform various Hip-Hop songs to be critiqued by a panel of celebrity judges, which includes Snoop Dogg, Paul Wall, Free of 106 & Park and Master P.'s son, Romeo.

"When you look at what's going on the big shows out here, Hip-Hop is influencing a lot of this stuff," Master P told "Even the show I did [Dancing with The Stars], the ratings is so big on this stuff. I was one of the highest rated entertainers on that show and it was a cross over show. Hip-Hop is influencing the game. I wanna do it to show people that we [are] growing in Hip-Hop. There's so many talented people, we don't have to wait around for them to expose us.

Master P. will serve as America's Next Hip-Hop Stars' host and a celebrity DJ will be featured each week, along with a performance by a well known Hip-Hop artist or group.

While the show does not have a home on the small screen as of press time, Master P. said negotiations are underway to launch the show on a major network or a cable/pay per view channel.

"I've been in negotiations since last week," Master P. continued. "It's going to be a great show. We have an exciting cast of judges. A lot of things are catered to Hip-Hop, you got a bunch of these companies marketing their brands. There's a lot of great things happening in Hip-Hop and this can show the corporate world that we are growing and maturing in Hip-Hop."

To launch the show, the mogul said he was planning a "Set It Off" benefit concert through his nonprofit organization Team Rescue One, to raise AIDS awareness and to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city of New Orleans.

"This is a way that America can see the untapped talent out there and vote for it," Master P. said of the show. "Right now with the way Hip-Hop is going, a lot of people are giving up. Everybody can't afford a video and that stuff to get exposure and this show will help find that talent. I think this is something for our culture that everyone can respect and appreciate and we will make a lot of people's careers."

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