Jay-Z Looks To Open Casino In Vegas

ImageWord is Jay-Z is looking to open a casino in Las Vegas, NV.

According to Hov's spokesperson, the God emcee is hoping to expand the 40/40 Club franchise into a casino. After opening the first 40/40 Club in NYC back in 2003, the Brooklyn lyricist opened a location in Atlantic City last year. President Carter is presently taking meetings with investors familiar with gambling establishments.

"The 40/40 Club in Atlantic City has been doing great since it opened, and the one in New York is still booming," a source told New York's Daily News. "There's no reason not to expand."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Jay confirmed that 40/40 will soon open locations worldwide.

"There is talk of a possible 40/40 Club casino," Ron Berkowitz told the Daily News. "There is definite expansion into the Far East, into Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and South Korea. By 2008 they will all be built."

Apparently Jay and Beyonce have been seen scouting spots in Vegas since the new year began. Jay-Z already owns several businesses. In addition to 40/40, the mogul owns Roc-A-Fella Records, Rocawear clothing, is part owner of the New Jersey Nets and has ventures with Reebok among others.

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