Ray Cash Talks "His" Music And Label Situation

 With an opening slot on Mobb Deep's Blood Money tour and a single with Scarface, Cleveland rapper Ray Cash is readying to release his debut LP, C.O.D. In this exclusive, Cash speaks on his come up and how Sony lacks "street shit."

Cleveland isn't exactly a hot bed for rap artists. In fact, with the exception of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, the city's hip-hop scene has had little exposure. Still, Ray Cash managed to garner a buzz strong enough for Sony BMG to come calling.

"I was catching the greyhound [bus] from Cleveland to Philly and then the train from Philly to Harlem. I got patnas out there. We was just in the studio, just out there getting it in off GP...just to see what would happen," Cash said. "I wasn't doing shit. I was either working little bullshit jobs, hustling or doing both at the same time. I ain't really have no other options, so we was just trying to see what happens. A lot of lucky, right place, right time type shit."

Cash may have a deal now. But he doesn't exactly fit the rapper image according to labels. Wearing glasses and light on the screw face and jewelry, Cash was always met with raised eyebrows whenever revealing that he spits.

"I got the surprises...me, I ain't never wanna be a rapper. I just could do the shit. I be fucking around in the hood or just at a studio and people getting it in. [Then I would say], 'I spit.' It would get silent cause they like, yo, 'we know this nigga... see him around in the hood. We never knew this nigga could rap like this,'" Cash explained. "The reaction...like that's my gimmick. When I got on they was like, 'what you think about losing the glasses?' I'd rather gave them what they gave me back and go somewhere else and do my own thing because before I got on, I had these glasses. This is me flat out."

"And if I would have went on TV without them shits," he continued. "Looking how I don't look. What would my niggas have said about me? I get the respect here cause I kept it one hundid."

Coming out of a small market, fighting stereotypes, Ray has definitely had his share of hurdles. But there's one more remaining: the label. According to the Cleveland rapper, Sony doesn't know how to push him.

"They don't know what they doing," Ray declared. "That's why I do a lot of shit on my own. No disrespect to them, but they don't really know how to do no street shit. Any type of label, if you pop, ok, then they'll put the full force behind you. You got to do it on your own. Rap niggas I fuck with told me that shit off top."

"You a tax write off to these niggas man," Cash added. "They got so much money going throughout the company it's such a big machine that if you don't work, that don't break they back. You ain't nothing but a tax write off if you don't work. But if you do work, you're their biggest asset."

Ray Cash's C.O.D. is slated to hit stores June 27.

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