DJ Whoo Kid Speaks On The Return Of Eminem 'The Re-Up'

ImageDJ Whoo Kid is in the Middle East this week touring with 50 Cent, but before he jetted, he made sure he left something behind for the streets. Whoo worked with Lloyd Banks on his new mixtape, but by the end of this week, a new Shady Records mixtape should be at a bootlegger near you. It's called "The Re-Up" and marks the return of Eminem.

"Em's shit is gonna be ridiculous," Whoo Kid boasted last week. "I'm gonna make so much money, I don't know why I'm going on tour. The return of the Emster and the whole Shady going hard. Everybody is on point. Obie , Stat Quo, all their artists. It's gonna be more of a hungry Shady, back to the grind. Plus me and Alchemist are putting it together, so it will be ridiculous."

Besides freestyling off familiar beats, Alchemist gave the Shady squad some new tracks to rhyme over.

"It's about what we pick to be on the mixtape," Whoo Kid added. "It will be extra songs I'll bootleg on something else later. But the fact that Em is coming back, I'm just happy to be a part of that."

In addition to the mixtapes Whoo Kid is doing with the whole Shady/ Aftermath /G-Unit umbrella — there's another Mase mixtape coming in a couple of weeks — he and Red Spyda just finished a remix of Bobby Brown's "Lying Eyes," which has not been released quite yet.

"I'm just trying to help him," Whoo Kid said of Brown. "I'm not trying to fuck with him. You know how the industry be attacking him? I'm genuinely trying to help him. I really want to kidnap him and put him in the studio for three days and do some incredible shit."

When he's done with the R&B king, Whoo Kid hopes to lock in the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He said he'll probably get with MJ sometime in July.

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