DMX Speaks From Jail, Rapper Takes On Preaching And Vows Never To Return To Arizona

Jailed rapper DMX recently revealed that he will finally be taking on preaching and also vowed to never return to Arizona where he currently faces more jail time for various crimes.
As reported earlier, DMX is currently in an Arizona jail awaiting sentencing on charges of animal cruelty, identity theft and drug possession.  The rapper plead guilty to the charges earlier this month and is expected to serve at least 90 days behind bars.

DMX, who hails from New York, has lived in Arizona for the past few years  but a chunk of his time in the state has been dogged with numerous run-ins with the law.

In an interview with My FOX Phoenix yesterday (January 13), the rapper described what drew him to state before his troubles began.

"When I first came to Arizona, I remember one day coming from the studio at six in the morning and pulled over on the highway just to watch the sunrise. It was at that point I fell in love with Arizona,” DMX explained “I said 'You know what, this has to be God's country'. I had never seen anything beautiful as that sunrise. I loved the scenery and the freedom it initially gave a person. We had four wheelers, we rolled the trails...then I met the devil in God's country."

DMX then vowed he would not be returning to Arizona after he is released from jail. The house that the rapper bought in the state in 2003 was foreclosed and put up for the sale earlier this month.

"I'm not looking back. I'm not coming back for a show, I'm not coming back for a visit, I'm not even driving through the states. If I’m in a plane and they have to fly over, I'm gonna go around it," the rapper said with laugh.

When asked if there were certain things in Arizona that drove him to trouble, DMX implied that the state's law enforcements have had it in for him.

"I was never arrested at the scene of any crime, they always came and arrested me for something. It was always 'let’s get an arrest warrant for this guy".

DMX, who has repeatedly shown his spiritual side on his albums, revealed that his time in jail has drawn him closer to his calling of being a pastor and he will be releasing a gospel album and a TV show focusing on him reaching out to people.

"I'm gonna start a TV show while I’m in here [titled]  Pain and Perseverance," explained DMX. "It's about how I can reach people that the average person can't reach  because I’m grounded. I'm gonna give my first sermon in church. It's gonna be incredible for me and I hope it’s gonna be incredible for the congregation of that church . I hope I'm able to reach somebody or touch somebody and bring them closer to the Lord."

When asked whether he will be turning  his back on his earlier material and keeping it away from his children due to his new take on life, DMX responded: "No I [wont].  I encourage [my kids] to listen but they know what not to say. You can’t hide something from a child because that only gets them more curious about it.”

“What you do is say 'this is what is and this aint for you'. You can't hide things because when they find out they say 'It must be good because my father hid it from me all this time, he must wanted it for himself'. I tell them what it is,” he added.  "I tell them, 'You touch it I’ll break your arm'. If you get curious come talk to me about it because I've already been through it."