Bishop Lamont Calls Out Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube, 'They Hating On Us'

Aftermath rapper Bishop Lamont is so angered by the lack of support he has received from West Coast veterans Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg that he has decided to attack both rappers on an upcoming collaborative album titled No Country For Old Men. Lamont claims that every notable rapper from his coast has acknowledged or supported him expect Snoop and Ice Cube.

Lamont isn’t the only who feels the same way, so  the Aftermath rapper joined forces with fellow West Coast emcees Crooked I and Glasses Malone to form a super group to release No Country For Old Men  independently.

"It's about setting the record straight on all the politics and hating that goes on over here and in the industry, period," Lamont explained about the project. " It's gonna set the new level of where music is supposed to go across the board."

"Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg be hating on us," he continued. "Phony sh-- that goes on with these n---as that's supposed to be legends. We're gonna put all this sh-- out there. They got egos. I grew up with [Snoop] – I love dude, but music and money changes everything. We're going in. W e love you n---as and look up to you n---as, but you n---as ain't got the same love for us. What we supposed to do? We helped you n---as go gold, go platinum, go worldwide. We were the ones buying them records. We were the ones going to them shows, believing in you."

"It ain't an 'old versus young' thing, because Battlecat, Warren G, Kurupt, Daz, all these n---as support us," Lamont stressed." Why doesn't Snoop support us? Why doesn't Ice Cube support us? Cypress Hill supports us. Why does Dre stay relevant and he's been here for 22 years? He stays involved with new n---as. He extends the legacy. You got Xzibit, all these n---as riding with us and you wanna hate?"

"We're coming for that money," he added. "That old mentality of doing business and having n---as ghost-write for you and paying them crumbs and giving n---as bogus deals, all that is getting smashed out."

Lamont, who signed to Aftermath in 2005, has seen the release of his debut album The Reformation repeatedly delayed. The rapper revealed to MTV that he expects his album to hit shelves after Dr. Dre releases Detox this year.

A release date for No Country For Old Men was not revealed.