Beanie Sigel Shooting May Have Been A Stunt

 Philadelphia authorities have reason to believe that there was no crime committed at the Beanie Sigel shooting earlier this morning (May 25), and that the incident may have been a publicity stunt, according to a source close to the investigation.

As previously reported, Sigel (Born Dwight Grant) was shot twice in his upper arm during what he described as a failed robbery at 8 a.m. this morning in Philadelphia.

According to Sigel, who talked to authorities after the shooting, five black men in two cars cornered him while he was in his vehicle. One of the men, who Sigel detailed as a 30-something standing at approximately 5'11" with a beard, sporting jeans and timberland boots, fired the shots at him. The Philadelphia rapper then drove himself to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he was treated and released later on today.

"Police do not believe that it was a robbery -- it's looking like a publicity stunt," the source said. "No way Beans gets robbed and only gets hit in the arm... Not in South Philly. He's like the mayor around there. No one even heard any commotion, and believe me when I tell you South Philly blocks are small, tight and dense."

Rumors had begun circulating that the shooting was connected to Sigel's step-father who was murdered last year but the source quickly shot down the speculation.

"His step-pops was murked out in a mob way," the source said. "Sigel would have gotten it similar, if that was the case. But shot twice in his arm? At 8 a.m.? I just can't see it. [Reports] are coming back now and they are saying there is no crime scene where Sigel said he was shot."

Sigel has been plagued with legal trouble in the last few years. Earlier this year, the Philly emcee was found guilty of a misdemeanor assault for punching a 53-year-old man and breaking his eye socket.

He was acquitted of attempted murder last September. Months later, he was jailed until he paid $26,000 in child support and $2,000 in fines. According to his attorney, Fortunato N. Perri Jr., Sigel now plans to return to the studio, work on his clothing line and get back into acting.

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