Judge Assigned To C- Murder's Trial, Delay Expected

After being turned down by three judges, C- Murder's re-trial has been assigned to a new judge.
As reported earlier, three judges refused to preside over the rapper's trial because of their prior involvement in the case.

C Murder, born Corey Miller, is accused of killing sixteen year old Steve Thomas in 2002 during a brawl at the defunct Platinum Club in Louisiana.

He has been under house arrest awaiting re-trail since his initial murder conviction was overturned in 2006.

The judge who was initially presiding over C-Murder's case, Martha Sassone, lost the re-election bid for her seat to Judge Ellen Kovach in November 2008.

During the election run, Kovach harshly criticized Sassone for letting C-Murder out of jail and accused her of giving the rapper preferential treatment.

Kovach refused to hear C-Murder's case earlier this week saying that her campaign and judicial ethics would be scrutinized if she presided over it.

The case was then allotted to two other judges, Conn Regan and Lee Faulkner, who both also refused to hear the case because of their ties to C-Murder's case.

Before becoming a judge, Faulkner was appointed by Sassone in 2002 to represent C- Murder while Regan had "direct supervision" over the rapper's case when he was chief of trials at the district attorney's office.

According to The Times Picayune, C-Murder's trial was assigned to Judge Hans Liljeberg on Friday (January 10).   Liljeberg held a meeting with C- Murder's lawyer and the lead prosecutor hours after he was assigned the case.

Both attorneys declined to comment when they left Liljeberg's office.

Prior to leaving office, Sassone had set C-Murder's trial to begin on Monday (January 12) but court insiders project that it will be delayed.