Former Editor-In Chief Of The Source Jailed

 Dasun Allah, the former Editor-In-Chief of  The Source magazine, was jailed yesterday for six months after being convicted of striking two people with a satchel filled with gravel earlier in January.

According to the New York Post, Manhattan prosecutors charged that Allah, whose real name is David Blanks, hit a pair of strangers with the satchel on Jan. 8 while in Harlem with no discernible motive.

Authorities charge that Allah hit the men in the head and caused "substantial pain."

The 32-year-old scribe, who has written for the likes of the Village Voice, had pled guilty in March and was free on $5,000 bail.

Allah has another case pending where he stands accused of decimating a Jehovah's Witness sanctuary in October of 2005, a felonious offense if he is convicted.

According to reports, the editor was booted from the religious sect 13 years ago and claimed they "mentally molested" him.

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