"Rap City" Hits Up the Bay, Gets Hyphy With E-40 and Too Short

 BET's "RapCity" will get "hyphy" next week as it travels to Bay Area for a week of programming beginning Monday (May 29).

BET cameras captured three days of footage in Northern California's Bay Area, spending time with Bay Area artists like Too Short, E-40 and The Hieroglyphics. They also focused on the new cultural phenomenon known as hyphy.

"Hyphy is like the rebirth of hip-hop," "RapCity" host Madd Linx proclaimed.

Though born in Oakland, the Hyphy movement has now spread throughout the country, where it has continued to draw widespread attention.

In related news, "Rap City" recently featured an exclusive interview with Hot 97 New York personality DJ Envy who spoke candidly about his recent beef with rival radio personality Star formerly of the "Star and Bucwild Morning Show."

The full schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 29 - "Too Short: A Day in the Life?"

Tuesday, May 30 - "Hyphy: A Subculture of Hip Hop"

Wednesday, May 31 - "E-40: His second wind"

Thursday, June 1 - "Hieroglyphics & Davey D: The Past, Present, & Future"

Friday, June 2 - "Bay Area: The Road Map"

Saturday, June 3 - "Top 10 Countdown"

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