Lawyers Claim T.I. Owes $8,000 Bill

The lawyers who represented the mother of T.I.’s sons in her child support case against the Atlanta rapper claim that T.I. owes them $8,000 in lawyer fees. As reported earlier, LaShon Dixon took T.I. to court last year claiming that the monthly payments of $2000 that she received from the rapper wasn't enough to support her and their two sons.

A judge would order T.I. to pay Dixon over $3,000 a month as well as pay for the children's tuition, uninsured medical bills and extracurricular activities.

According to The Associated Press, Dixon's attorney Randy Kessler claims that T.I. was also ordered to pay attorney fees by November 19th but failed to do so.

T.I. is expected in court tomorrow (January 6) over the matter.  The rapper and Dixon are still negotiating child support and custody of their boys, ages 7 and 8.

T.I. has three other children outside of his relationship with Dixon.