50 Cent's Reality Show Cancelled, Rapper Lowers Mansion Price

Poor ratings and a struggling real estate market have spoiled the close of 2008 for 50 Cent. MTV has reportedly chosen to cancel the rapper's reality show The Money and The Power.

As reported earlier, 50 was using the show to seek for the next hip-hop mogul but MTV claims the show lacked buzz and had bad ratings. Only six episodes of the show were aired.

Ratings aren't the only thing that 50 is having issues with. The G-Unit honcho has been having a hard time trying to sell his multi-million Connecticut mansion and has been forced to lower its price due to the ailing real estate market.

50 put the house up for sale in 2006 for $18.5 million and has cut its price down to $14.5 million. The mansion formerly belonged to boxer Mike Tyson and boasts 18 bedrooms, 37 bathrooms, a helipad and a disco.

"It's the market," explained 50's listing agent, Deborah Orr. "With a unique property, everyone acknowledges it's difficult to pinpoint the perfect market price. We feel we need to stimulate some activity, and that was the intent of the price cut."