T-Pain: 'I Didn't See Myself Making It Past The First Album'

Nobody believed T-Pain would be around this long, even him. The Florida crooner recently revealed that he received so much hate at the beginning of his career that he didn’t see foresee his current success.
"I didn’t even see myself making it past the first album," explained T-Pain. "The amount of hate I was getting for it; just seeing how people didn’t really accept me at first. It was weird. I thought I was going to sell a quick 200,000 and be out the game.’’

Fortunately for T-Pain, he continues to gain success as everybody in the music industry has worked with him or has plans too. He expects to collaborate with country singer Tim McGraw and is assisting Sean 'Diddy' Combs on his upcoming album.

Despite the success, T-Pain is not impressed by people copying his style and failing to give him respect for reviving the auto-tune which was made popular in the 80's by Roger Troutman.

"I don’t understand why the most hated-on artist is being the most copied," T-Pain said. "Why can’t they just own up to what I’ve done for this industry?"

"I’ve heard people come out with the sound and take credit," he added " Then I’m like, ‘Dang, have you been away from society and not listening to the radio for a year?’ But those are the sam e people who want to make music with me.’

T-Pain is currently on a North American tour with Lil Wayne. The duo plan on releasing a collaborative album in the coming months.