B.G. Chops It Up About T.I. Collabo and a Hot Boyz Reunion

 After selling well over 100,000 copies of his Chopper City release The Heart of tha Streetz Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am), B.G. recently talked about his signing with Atlantic Records, the future of his Chopper City Records and an upcoming Hot Boyz reunion with Juvenile and Mannie Fresh.

The Heart of tha Streetz Vol. 2 debuted at No. 6 on the charts when it was released March 21. As an artist who has recorded major label and independent releases, B.G. expressed pride in his recent accomplishments with Chopper City.

"I'm happy with how all my independent albums did," B.G. said exclusively. "I've put up numbers independently [that] people on major labels can't scan. I've soundscanned like 150,000 and 300,000 independent. You got artists on major labels that can't do that."

It's been a big spring for B.G. who signed to Atlantic Records on the heels of the release of The Heart of tha Streetz Vol. 2.

"Yeah, I'm real excited about it," B.G. said. "I think I'm gonna be able to get more done than I was able to get done independently. The independent grind was to set me up to go back to the majors. I did everything I could do independently. I think it's gonna work out real, real good."

According to B.G., fans should expect an Atlantic Records release from him sometime in November or December. "We was thinking about a holiday release. We're not sure yet."

B.G. also shared that fellow Atlantic artist T.I. will be co-executive producing his forthcoming release.

"Me and T.I. are executive producing the album," B.G. said. "When he came to me we were like let's go head and merge Grand Hustle and ChoppaCity. I'm a T.I. fan, T.I. is a B.G. fan. We got a real strong friendship, we gonna take it to the next level."

The New Orleans rapper also talked about T.I.'s recent tragic loss of his friend and assistant Philant Johnson in a recent Cincinnati shooting. "I know how he feels because I've lost a lot of friends. I lost my best friend to the same kind of violence. For that to happen the way that happened, he lost his life behind somebody player hating on him. I knew Phil - you never saw T.I. without seeing Phil. It's a fucked up situation. I just told him to keep his head up and stay strong."

With the recent shooting deaths of Johnson, Proof and Big Hawk, B.G. admitted that his own safety is a frequent concern.

"This shit is scary," B.G. said. "I don't know what to say. I think about it every time I leave out my house and go to somebody else state. You got that 90% that love you and the 10% that hate you. I just try to deal with it to the best of my ability. They got these people that listen to our raps and they wanna see 'is they really about that?' It's hard for us, but fuck, it is what it is."

As Co-CEO of Chopper City Records, B.G. also spoke excitedly about a new release coming from the Chopper City Boyz. "With Chopper City Records, I got the distribution deal through Koch. [i] got that album coming out in the next two, three months. The group is my little brother Hakim, Gar, VL Mike, and Snipe. It's on and poppin'. There's a lot of things I got coming, I got a little of everything coming from Chopper City."

B.G. recently joined with former Cash Money labelmates Juvenile and Mannie Fresh for the remix of "Move Around," his single from Heart of the Streetz Vol. 2, prompting many to speculate that the three had a Hot Boyz reunion in the works.

"Fresh performed with me at my album release [party] at House of Blues in New Orleans," B.G. said. "It was ridiculous. It was off the chain. I can't even explain how happy and excited the city was to see us on stage together.

"Most definitely, me, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile, us three been in the lab," added the rapper. "Juvenile got UTP popping, I got ChopperCity popping, Fresh got his Chubby Boy Music thing popping -- none of us are on Cash Money. We us three said let's go on and do a reunion. Not only do the people want it, we want it. We know the kind of magic we make together."

B.G. said that if all goes well the Hot Boyz tour, which will include the Chopper City Boyz, should be ready soon. "We trying to put this tour together by this summer. We're working on it right now."

As for Cash Money's Baby and Lil Wayne, B.G. said, "I don't fuck with them."

Though B.G. has been living in Detroit since before Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans native confessed he's been traveling often.

"I'm on the road a lot," he said, adding that one of his frequent destinations is New Orleans. "I'm everywhere, they never there. I've been back several times. Me personally I ain't never left, my heart is gonna always be there. I try to go back once a week or every two weeks. I had the first official concert there since the hurricane a couple of months back. I brought the whole city back - everybody who evacuated to Atlanta and Houston and wherever else they relocated to. That's when I realized how much the city loved me. When I saw all the Georgia [license] plates and Texas plates I felt real good about that. I knew New Orleans love me, but they really showed their love after that first concert I gave."

B.G. also expressed his disappointment in how the U.S. government has continued to mismanage services for hurricane victims.

"It's fucked up," said B.G. "That's the only words I can find to describe it. Now they talking about the vouchers about to end and people got until XYZ to move. Where they gonna go? It's fucked up all the way around the board. I try not to think about it because when I think about it I get depressed. I go to getting political, just thinking what's the world coming to?"


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