Lil Wayne's Lawyers Ask For Deadline Extension In 'Dying' Case

Lawyers representing Lil Wayne have reportedly asked a New Orleans judge to give them more time to turn over documents for a lawsuit that accuses the rapper of copyright infringement. As reported earlier, pop singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel sued Lil Wayne in May claiming that the rapper sampled her song "Once” and used it on his song “I Feel like Dying”.

Swanepoel claims that Wayne and his record label initially tried to work out a deal to use her song but despite the fact that she refused, Wayne continued to perform the song on tour and it can currently be found on YouTube and other websites.

According to WDAM TV, Lil Wayne's lawyers filed for the deadline extension today (December 16).

They were supposed to hand in documents and other material to  Swanepoel's lawyers by Friday (December 19).