Big Fase Comments on Young Life Back With The Game.

 I have been thru alot with this music shit over the past two years, alot of bullshit. I emptied my tank (poured all my game)into my brother in order to see a better life for my family only to get burned by the man that he became.

After he shook the spot,i looked around at what i had left and i realized that i had a studio and some very capable artist..(life,Friday,Klev.) and i felt better knowing that i could still pursue a career in music which was always my dream anyways. When Life got outta camp he could have easily said I wanna go where Game is,he never said anything of that nature.
He told me he was here and this is where he would be.Alot of my *****z still fuck with my brother so he had avenues to make a move to Glendale.

During the making of Compton Life I struggled with him to take this shit serious and did my best to convince him that we could still make it even though my brother was gone.
I had somthin to prove,and i wanted to prove it with Life and the Compton Life mixtape.
I personally put in alot of work on that mixtape just so we could get it done.
It got done and I was proud.

during the recording for Brazil Street Hustlaz i noticed that Life hadnt been puttin in any work in the studio and he was avoiding me and my calls.
I reaced out to his peers and told them to tell life if he didnt start workin that he wouldnt be on the mixtape,after i made that threat he showed up and spent the night in the studio and got a few trax done.
Soon after that I got a call from Phat Rat sayin that he saw life at the studio with Game.
I couldnt believe it and I went into a rage.
in this rage i contacted life and let him know how i felt and it wasnt good.
he told me he did this because we were gonna drop him.
that is the last contact that we had.
I dont have paperwork with him,it hadnt been finalized yet,and i wasnt rushing it because i didnt feel the need to.

In my personal opinion I dont think my brother is gonna do anything with dude.
my brother wants a ***** to commit fully to rap if he is serious about it,Life dropped his mixtape and got relaxed like he went diamond or some shit.
that mixtape was supposed to be just the begining,not the begining of the end.
Good Luck young *****!!!

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