Persia Of VH1's 'White Rapper' Fame Facing 3 Years Behind Bars For Gun Rap

New York rapper Persia, well known for her appearance on VH1’s The White Rapper Show, is reportedly facing 3 years behind bars for gun possession. According to ThugLife Army, Persia (born Rachel Murecieosn) was found with a loaded weapon in 2006 after being pulled over by police officers during a routine traffic stop.

Persia claims that she carried the weapon to protect herself from an estranged ex-boyfriend who continuously threatened to harm her and her family.

"I was involved in an abusive relationship which led to him trying to kill me. I felt I had no choice but to protect myself," explained Persia. “Someone I know bought me a gun so that I could get from my front door to my car without being attacked or even killed."

Persia claims that her initial lawyer in the case advised her to plead guilty to only get six months but the court wants to serve her a 3 year sentence.

Persia, who will be sentenced on December 12th, is asking fans to fax or write letters to the District Attorney's office requesting that her sentence be reduced taking into consideration she is a victim of domestic violence and a single mother of a six-month old daughter with no priors.

Below is the District Attorney's contact info:

Rachel Mucerino vs. Ulster County

D.Holley Carnright, District Attorney

Ulster County Courthouse

275 Wall Street

Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-340-3280

Fax: 845-340-3185