Pharrell Pushes 'Bionic Yarn'

Pharrell Williams has reportedly joined forces with a New York based textile firm called Bionic Yarn to develop environmentally sustainable clothing. Bionic Yarn has been making clothing from recyclable bottles in the past two years.

Williams is both an owner and investor in Bionic Yarn. He has already begun using it in his clothing lines which include Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

"I'm so interested with the technology behind this,” said Pharrell. "I am also very concerned with the environment and want to make a conscious effort to make it better.”

According to research by Bionic Yarn, 60 million plastic bottles go from the consumer to landfills to incinerators daily. It takes eighteen 1 liter recycled water bottles to make an average piece of luggage and it takes seven recycled plastic bottles to make a pair of average jeans.

"Our goal is to be the go-to fabric supplier," explained Pharrell "We want to provide quality fabrics that also happen to be sustainable.  We want to do everything from high end luggage, to high end denim, to university caps and gowns to Parks Department uniforms. It’s a plus that the fabric brings environmen talism to a whole new level".