'8 Mile' Actor Commits Suicide

De'Angelo Wilson, the Dayton bred actor who portrayed the role of 'DJ Iz' in Eminem's debut film 8 Mile, reportedly committed suicide in Los Angeles late last month. According to the Dayton Daily News, Wilson (pictured in the green jacket) hung himself in the back room of a Los Angeles business on November 26th. He was 29.

Wilson's mother revealed to The Dayton Daily News that her son had become depressed because he couldn't score other movie roles after appearing in two major films, 8 Mile and Antwone Fisher.

"His career kind of failed, and I think he was beating himself up. Things were real down and he just didn't know how to pick himself up," said Wilson's mother, Debra. "I talked to him about a month and a half ago, he wasn't good ... I was real worried about him."

During the filming of Antwone Fisher, Wilson established a relationship with the real-life Antwone Fisher who described Wilson as a friendly person.

"He was a good guy, a fun guy, a great guy to be around." Fisher said. "It's just really hard to understand."