Outkast's Andre 3000 Slapped With $2 Million Lawsuit Over 'Class Of 3000'

OutKast's Andre 3000, along with Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting, is facing a $2 million lawsuit for copyright infringement and breach of contract claims stemming from Andre's Class of 3000 cartoon series.
According to the Boston Herald, local postal worker Timothy McGee alleges the "characters, artwork, storylines [and] concepts" from Dre's Emmy-winning Cartoon Network series were all based on his ideas for an earlier project called The Music Factory.

"The artist known as Andre '3000' Benjamin was credited with the creation, executive production and starring role in 'Class of 3000,'" the lawsuit reads. "The similarities between the expression of Mr. McGee's work in The Music Factory and that of Class of 3000 are sufficiently detailed and pervasive."

While Dre's cartoon debuted November 2006, McGee claims he offered his series pitch to Cartoon Network executive Michael Lazzo in 1997 before being rejected. With both projects set in Atlanta's music scene and sharing similar characters including a "tough full-of-attitude female" character, his attorney Jerrold Neeff expects compensation.

"We've r equested $2 million in damages thus far," Neeff told the Boston Herald. "The rest remains to be seen."

In addition, McGee has claimed misappropriation of trade secrets and is requesting damages to including all the profits from the show's two seasons. Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting have also been included in the lawsuit. A rep for Dre and Cartoon Network/Turner Broadcasting was unavailable for comment at press time.